A photograph to me has magical powers. It has the ability of time travel, brings back the sound of your child’s voice or smell of the perfume you wore on your wedding day. You hold a piece of the person in your hands and remember the powerful memory of the event or person as if you were living it again. Holding a portrait of your grandmother brings back those sweet memories. She knew the importance of a portrait to share herself for generations. This moment now in your life will never happen again. The kids will never be the age they are on this day, you’ll only be pregnant a short while and your high school senior will soon be a college senior, mother then grandmother of her own. What magic will you have to remember this day? Let’s preserve that in a cherished family heirloom.

Portrait session fee’s start at $299 for Seniors, Engagements, Maternity and Families & $399 for in home Newborn sessions.